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day. meteorologist wyatt everhart with your first forecast. it has been a wet day. now rain letting up on maryland's most pores -- powshzful radar. a few showers in the southern part of the state. but other than that what we're watching is the visibility dropping, all that moisture in the air. humidity rising from the chesapeake west. visibilities continue to drop. we're below a half a mile at dulles airport. so, the forecast will bring in dense fog and patchy fog potentially lasting into your morning commute, but overnight there will be fog to deal with and maybe a few showers. when will the whole system begin to clear out. we'll talk about it. >> new tonight an owings mills man is behind bars charged with sexual assaulting a pair of
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14-year-old boys. >> the same man worked as a volunteer firefighter and has been suspended. >> reporter: at 23 years old, anthony cottle had not reached the end of his probation as a recent hire working out of station number five in halethorpe. he also served as a volunteer at the lansdowne fire house on laverne avenue. his services at both came to an abrult halt after allegations that he sexually abused two young boys. >> he sexually abused them while living at the home. the investigation subsequently revealed that the suspect had also sexually assaulted one of the boy's friends. >> reporter: police say cottle had befriended the boy and abused him when he was home alone or in his bedroom at
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night. the teen caught him in the act of abusing a friend who was visiting him in the home. while the charging documents have been sealed to protect the people, they show abuse and sodomy. >> our detectives believe strongly there are other victims in the case. we are asking anyone who sees this person and recognizes him and thinks they may have information about other victims to please come and talk to us. >> both the baltimore county fire department and the volunteer fire company have both suspended cottle. jeff hager, abc2 news. >> tonight cottle is being held at the detention center on $150,000 bond. three women abducted, two of the victims teenagers who were shawltd, all of them forced into the car from bus stops from baltimore county and city. police say it was a similar mo
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in both cases as they would strong arm the suspects into a car, rob them and sexual assault at least two of the victims. it's a terrifying string of crimes that date back to the 25th. they arrested two suspects late last night. >> baltimore city detectives were able to get a partial tag. detectives from both jurisdictions worked together. they were able to identify the own are and connect one -- owner and connect one of the suspects. >> police believe there could be victims from other cases. dectives want to hear from you right away. a pasadena man said he was trying to rescue exotic pets but anne arundel animal control said shane taylor let things get way out of hand so they took dozens
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of animals out of his home. >> reporter: kelly, anne arundel county, animal control removed 40 exotic animals. they ranged from parrots to clicns to pigs. animal control said the animals were not kept properly and didn't have access to proper food and water but shane said the animals were well cared for and would do nothing to hurt the animals. he said he was running an informal animal rescue and the critters that were ill health were exotic pets that he rescued or were abandoned and trying to nurse them back to health. >> i don't go out looking for animals to take. it's a lot of work.
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so i don't go out looking for animals. they come to me. if i have the capacity, then i'm more than willing to help out. >> reporter: anne arundel county, an control said they tried to work with that i or and he surrendered 10 animals with the promise he would not take anymore until he could improve conditions. they removed the animals out of his care. meantime, that i already said he just wants his personal pets. he said he misses them more than anything. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. police are warning people in anne arundel county after several attempted burglaries in less than a week. the homes were targeted. when the burglar did gain access it was through the rear slider door. police say the crimes may be connected. >> we sent out a message with an online notification to make them aware of the incident.
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we have an increased police presence. we want folks to be veg lant and report -- vigilant and report suspicious activity. >> so far, police don't have any suspects. >> the o's are finishing up the final season. >> christian schaffer is live at the trop tonight work the roof is always closed. >> they -- earlier we were talking about those orioles fans who come here to watch the game. some have showed up to watch batting practice that's winding down. some of the orioles have been hitting moon shots. what the fans saw was an offense
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that had a lot of trouble until the ninth inning. i talked to a couple of the orioles about that ninth inning come back. >> got to take it with the same approach in the first debut as the last day biew. you'll get different pitches. you try this feed off the momentum. at the same time you get your bat, you have to go through same routine and approach. >> a lot of pressure but where you want to be. they would tell you the same thing. we know they had a lot riding on the game last night. obviously, we did as well. we just warrant able to do enough at the end. >> they almost made it. what you're looking at in a live picture is all the sea rings. that is what chris davis' home
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run hit. there's also a d ring, which is another catwalk lower than that. hitting that would be a home run. chris davis was asked in the clubhouse where that would have landed in camden yards. he said jokingly the warehouse. he thought maybe somewhere on utah street. so he lost the game combined with the red sox losing, that put them one game behind the yankees and will try to come back. live in st. petersburg, florida, christian schaffer. >> any truth to the rumor that the boston red sox are playing with four players? >> i've seen a lot of people talking about how the red sox are tanking games. i just think they're not very
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good. who are they? it's a aaa team. maybe they can rise up and beat the yankees. >> want to see you pinch hit. so many scenarios that will have your head spinning. it depends on the final two games. to get the latest update, held to like we have it all figured out. >> let's talk about football. plucky students at lynnton springs got a visit from one of their favorite ravens, torrey smith. the ravens are challenging local students to get active for at least 60 minutes a day. he talked to students about the importance -- look at the cheers. he wants them to stay healthy by eating and exercising. help ran threw some drill -- he ran through some drills with the kids. >> football is the game we play,
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but our platform, we're supposed to do better things in the community and better things for people in general. it's not just about football. we have to use our influence to bet are our world many anytime you get the opportunity to come out, it means a lot. >> they are taking part in the challenge in conjunction with the county project. how would you like to have that at your school. >> from what he went through and to be there today, unbelievable. he is a superstar. firefighters have one of the most dangerous jobs, risking their lives to save others. don harrison has a look at the challenges that firefighters face. >> we're looking live on the west side on bel air road and belt belt -- and the beltway. >> depended on where you were on
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how warm it got. a scan of 30, 40 miles make as difference. hey, we're going to talk about this slow moving rain system when we come back. when will we see the sun again and get rid of this october gray coming up. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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firefighters have a real difficult job. but anne arundel county firefighters face a special challenge. >> don harrison got a taste of
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what it's like. >> reporter: fire can be one of nations most unpredictable forces. trying to control it is one of the most dangerous jobs you can find. anne arundel county from where you live to where you travel more than 1,000 highly trained emergency responders jump into action to more than 70,000 calls a year. i got the chance to see firsthand how difficult their job is. ralph, who has been with the fire department for seven years, he's with the special operation team handling rescue operations. >> make sure you dot your i's and cross your t's. there's no such thing as an easy one. >> reporter: fighting fryer -- fires is tough enough but with 75 pounds of gear and with the weather, it feels like 120
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degrees. >> it can be disoriented. if you have to get a victim, that's 185, 200 pounds in addition. it adds a lot of stress to our body. that's why we try it stay in shape. >> every time they go out the door, they know they're putting themselves at risk. >> every day is a good day because we get to help people on the worst day of their life. it keeps things in perspective. >> reporter: in anne arundel county don harrison, abc2 news. >> more than 100,000 firefighters are hurt in the line of duty and 100 firefighters lost their lives in the united states every year. a new study found that the hpv vaccine is safe, even for girls as young as nine. concerns emerged in 2006.
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garr da sill prevents -- gardasil prevents hpv. the only side effects for younger patients were fainting and skin reaction. the study was funded by, of course, the makers of gardasil but reviewed by independent experts. the cdc said the drug is safe and recommended. stretching may not seem strenuous but fitness experts say it should be part of your daily routine. it helps you focus, cut out stress and even make you look younger. what a plus. it will also improve your overall fitness level. >> one of the main purposes of stretching, having a stretching program is to identify the unevenness in the body and the tightness in the body that could be holding back your fitness program or athletism or daily life. >> the best way to stay limber
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is to routinely stretch. find a good stretching guide or trainer to show you. all right. bge is working to make sure you are not in the dark. employees are out there participating in what they call the storm drill. the company is practicing their response during severe weather. it's something it does every year to help prep for storms. >> 200 employees. they are testing their plans, their best practices and making shower that all of our plans are up to date in line with industry standards and we're streamlining our processes so we can restore service as quickly as possible. >> the bge storm drill began yesterday afternoon and will run through this friday.
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all right. a few showers,s specially in the southern tip of the state. reaching across through southern queen anne's county and talbot county. easton had a few showers. for the most part conditions beginning to improve out there in terms of active rain coming down not the rain earlier today. would' looking at increased visibility. rain on and off. no question about that. very, very little sunshine we had today, if any. in dundalk tough to see the key bridge. our weather bug camera is about 200 feet up. frostburg you can see a lot of fog in the mountains. a cool rainy day in the mountains. that reduced visibility as we go into the latter part of the evening. 70 now at bwi. as we look at the conditions
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across the area. 0 at the airport -- 70 at the airport. we got above 80 degrees. 64 in hagerstown. so further west it will stay much cooler. here are the fog reports if central maryland. eastern shore no problem. wilmington a mile and a half. two miles at the airport. these could easily drop to below a half a mile. remember, 10 miles, the typical visibility on a clear day. dense fog possible at least on a patchy basis and still some patchy fog are your morning commute. things could be wet for more scattered showers. still a large system. much of the rain is out to sea and up into new england, but the core area of circulation is still west of us. the mean system has not come through or into canada. we'll watch for that as we go
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into the next 24, to 48 hours. we'll take it to the low 80s. as we look back to the west, drier air will clear the skies on friday. friday looks like a gorgeous day. a secondary cold front will bring in much colder air for saturday and sunday. in the tropics in the wake of nadine, about a 70% chance of development on this large area of thunderstorm activity out here in the southern atlantic. so we'll see what happens. tonight 67. rain tapering off late. scattered showers and storms. tomorrow night 65, cloudy and humid as the showers taper off. seven-day forecast, you can see what happens it. gets nicer through friday. the weekend looks significantly cooler. tough time getting out of the
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60s saturday. we could see significant rain and a raw cool day on sunday. back to you. >> right after diane sawyer delivers the news, we'll deliver the list. let's take a sneak peek of the show. >> baltimore makes its way on to a heartbreaking list and we have a list of three fun events happening around town all months long. details coming up on the list at 7:00. here's what's coming up tonight on abc2.
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here's a look at what we're looking at. >> if you're one of the million with an iphone 5, you may be thinking about buying one soon. the real cost, the things you don't plan on paying but that you need will continue to be business as usual. >> a staple to the community for years. those stories and more coming up on abc2 news at 11. >> can we cut out some of this rain? >> hey, take a look. you can see a couple showers to the south and east. overnight what we're watching for is dense fog.
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watch out for that. >> watch out for us at 11:00. >> we'll be right back. >> we'll see you then.
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